EVERSANA Partners With Resverlogix to Commercialize Breakthrough Cardiovascular/CKD drug

Resverlogix Corp. (Resverlogix) is a Canadian public company developing an advanced cardiovascular/CKD drug called apabetalone. The company is pioneering a technology that has the ability to turn multiple disease-causing genes on or off. No actual change to the human DNA occurs.

This breakthrough technology places Resverlogix as a world leader in utilizing “epigenetics” to regulate disease-causing genes. Since the company’s inception, Resverlogix has focused on developing therapeutics for disease states with high unmet medical need.

Resverlogix and EVERSANA™ recently announced a partnership to support planned commercialization of apabetalone in the U.S., Canada (where authorization has been granted to conduct clinical studies of apabetalone for COVID-19) and/or potentially expanding to additional global markets, as Emergency Use Authorization and/or a New Drug Application or equivalent is issued or approved.

In preparation for launch, Resverlogix will utilize EVERSANA’s fully integrated commercialization services that include market access, agency services, clinical and commercial field teams, medical science liaisons, channel management, patient services, health economics and outcomes research, and compliance, with each service optimized by data and predictive analytics.

Apabetalone is an investigational, phase 3 clinical candidate with safety data in more than 4,200 man years of treatment. As previously published, apabetalone has the potential to combat COVID-19 through a unique dual mechanism.

  • First, apabetalone treatment prevents SARS-CoV-2 from infecting human cells.
  • Second, it reduces the inflammation and cytokine storm response, which can result in organ damage and long-term negative impacts.

Apabetalone is also being studied for important benefits for patients with high-risk cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and other indications while maintaining a well-described safety profile.


Takeaway: EVERSANA’s integrated commercialization solution positioned to deliver apabetalone to patients who need it