Infusion Therapy Market Projected to Grow Rapidly

Home and specialty infusion is typically provided in the patient’s home or an infusion suite. Infusion medications are prescribed for both acute and chronic illnesses that cannot be effectively treated with oral medications alone. 

Diseases commonly requiring home and specialty infusion therapy include infections, gastrointestinal diseases and disorders, dehydration, congestive heart failure, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hemophilia, immune deficiencies, neurological disorders, and more.

Many characteristics of infusion therapy are similar to those of a specialty pharmacy. Treatment for complex medical conditions, high-cost medications requiring close oversight, patient support and multidisciplinary care are similar qualities.

The market is projected to continue expanding rapidly and is driven by increasing healthcare costs that are moving patients into the most cost-effective delivery settings, a growing bio-pharmaceutical pipeline of infusible and injectable medications, an aging population and the recent addition of a Medicare benefit for these products and services.

AMI’s 2021 Infusion Therapy Providers Review, 130 pages, offers comprehensive intelligence on the leading national and regional infusion therapy providers. The report also provides background on the market.