AmerisourceBergen Introduces a PSAO Focused on Specialty Pharmacy

Pharmacy services administrative organizations (PSAOs) are collective groups that contract with pharmacies. PSAOs negotiate pharmacy network contracts and perform many core back office operations for their pharmacies. About 83% of independent pharmacies contract with a PSAO. Over 75% of independent and small chain pharmacies contract with PSAOs owned by Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal Health, and McKesson.

Through its PSAO, Elevate Provider Network, AmerisourceBergen negotiates with Pharmacy Benefit Managers on behalf of more than 5,000 Good Neighbor Pharmacy members to minimize the impact of DIR fees, maximize reimbursement, and maintain access to patients.

AmerisourceBergen recently introduced Accelerate Specialty Network (Accelerate), a pharmacy services administration organization the company said is the first to focus on specialty pharmacy. 

AmerisourceBergen said that Accelerate uses the company’s data-driven PSAO strategy to enhance managed care access and optimize business performance in community-based specialty pharmacies. Members range from health system specialty pharmacies to independent specialty pharmacies and medically integrated dispensing practices. 

The company said that Accelerate offers solutions meant to deliver beneficial payer contracts and reduce the time that providers spend on administrative responsibilities. It uses data and insights to expand member access to specialty contracts via agreements with local, regional and national commercial payers and pharmacy benefit managers.

Members also can review their pharmacy’s data alongside the PSAO’s experts to find ways to optimize their business. Accelerate also is aimed at helping members navigate complex managed care networks. 


Takeaway: AmerisourceBergen is expanding capabilities to leverage growth of specialty pharmaceuticals