Trilogy Health Services Offers Discount Delivery Pharmacy Benefit for Employees

Trilogy Health Services (Trilogy) offers a full range of senior living services to 125 locations throughout Kentucky (17), Indiana (64), Ohio (32) and Michigan (12). Trilogy is affiliated with Paragon Rehabilitation and PCA Pharmacy. Through Trilogy’s partnership with PCA Pharmacy, it provides pharmaceutical and lab services to each community. 

Trilogy has begun offering its approximately 17,000 employees and their dependents a one-source, full-service discount pharmacy benefit through PCA Pharmacy.

Employees who are enrolled in health insurance provided by Trilogy are eligible for medication delivery, automatic refill services, lower copays, and 24/7 access to a pharmacist.

Services will be provided by Synchrony Pharmacy, Trilogy provider PCA Pharmacy’s expansion into employee-centered pharmacy services. Synchrony Pharmacy (Synchrony) services all Trilogy Health Services, PCA Pharmacy, and Paragon Rehabilitation employees, as well as employee dependents.

Synchrony services maintenance and specialty medication needs, offering convenience and unparalleled accuracy. Synchrony partners with each employee to address their unique pharmacy needs through specialized clinical and operational services.

Synchrony pharmacy is focused on technology and creating efficiencies with the employees in mind. Synchrony offers convenience, timeliness, and trustworthiness that provides employees a sense of security and satisfaction in their specific pharmacy needs.


Takeaway: Synchrony Pharmacy offers a single source for accessing maintenance and specialty medications to Trilogy employees