Biologics by McKesson Expands Oncology Practices Offerings

McKesson recently launched ScriptPAS™, a pharmacy management solution for oncology practices powered by Biologics by McKesson (Biologics) specialty pharmacy. ScriptPAS is a fee-for-service offering designed to help Medically Integrated Dispensing (MID)-equipped practices provide quicker access to care by reducing barriers that delay treatment.

The MID program for specialty practices help administer self-administered specialty medications with McKesson’s drug dispensing services for medical specialty groups including oncology and rheumatology practices.

This is accomplished by providing support with benefits investigation, prior authorization and financial assistance. ScriptPAS services also help practices mitigate temporary staffing and overflow challenges, an important benefit as practices deal with the impacts of COVID-19 and the growth of oral oncolytics on their operations.

Biologics works closely with providers to deliver best-in-class patient care and improve patient outcomes by helping patients access therapies faster and stay adherent. Biologics offers more than 150 therapies, including over 100 orals, at least 12 therapies exclusive to Biologics and more than another 60 therapies in limited-distribution networks distribution.

Biologics has contracted with more than 500 payers to help provide access to these drugs. Biologics secured $28M in financial assistance for patients in 2020.

US Oncology Network, supported by McKesson, is a leader in value-based cancer care with over 900 physicians participating in the CMS Innovation Oncology Care Model. There are more than 1,380 physicians in US Oncology Network with more than 480 cancer treatment center locations across the country that treat more than 1.2 million patients annually.


Takeaway: Biologics ScriptPAS increases speed to therapy for patients