Amalgam Rx Acquires Avhana Health to Simplify Physicians’’ Workflow

Amalgam Rx, Inc., a leading Digital Therapeutics and Patient Support company, recently acquired Avhana Health, a privately held clinical decision support (CDS) company, which has deep integrations with the leading electronic health records (EHR). Amalgam Rx will expand Avhana’s CDS tools to multiple therapeutic areas and combine them with other digital solutions to simplify doctors’ workflows.

Amalgam Rx creates digital medicine products and patient support programs to increase access, improve adherence, strengthen outcomes, and reduce costs of care.

Amalgam Rx has built an innovative portfolio of digital solutions, including patient support programs, digital therapeutics, and digital-pharma combination products— delivered through a wide variety of business models. Working in partnership with many of the world’s leading life sciences companies, Amalgam Rx has deployed products across three continents.

Avhana is a SaaS-based provider of clinical decision support tools that are integrated directly into the electronic health record workflow to help provide real-time, patient-specific best practices at the point of care.

Avhana’s SaaS-based CDS tool has been implemented in more than 150 provider groups and identifies over $120 million a year in cost savings. Enabling real-time two-way interactions within the EHR, Avhana optimizes provider workflow beyond simple data integration

Amalgam Rx, founded by WellDoc founders Ryan Sysko and Dr. Suzanne Clough, received FDA clearance in 2017 for iSage, an insulin titration algorithm. BCG Digital Ventures partnered with Amalgam in 2018 to expand its offerings into the field of Digital Medicine. BCG Digital Ventures and Amalgam are helping healthcare partners accelerate and de-risk their Digital Medicine efforts.


Takeaway: AmalgamRx is developing digital tools to have physicians adopt EHR integration and workflow optimization