RareMed Solutions Providing Non-Commercial Dispensing Services for PTC Therapeutics’ EMFLAZA

Gordon Vanscoy founded PANTHERx in 2011 to direct-delivers extremely limited-production, difficult-to-ship, life-saving, expensive, orphan medications to patients with extremely rare disorders, while providing clinical, nursing and financial counseling.

Vanscoy launched a second company in 2018, RareMed Solutions (RareMed), which provides pharmacy services to patients on behalf of rare disease biotech manufacturers. RareMed is the nation’s only (pure) rare and devastating disorder patient service provider (PSP).

RareMed’s PSP services include non-commercial pharmacy dispensing, case management, co-pay, coupon, and financial assistance programs, reimbursement support, nursing support, healthcare professional education, and patient adherence & education.

RareMed’s onsite non-commercial pharmacy is licensed to dispense in all states and the District of Columbia. RareMed’s rare disease focus, associates, teams, and proprietary technology enable it to meet the unique needs of its rare and devastating disorder biopharma partners.

RareMed was recently selected by PTC Therapeutics to provide non-commercial dispensing services for the drug EMFLAZA® (deflazacort). RareMed will be the exclusive free drug provider for EMFLAZA®, managing the EMFLAZA® Start Program (ESP), Bridge, and Patient Assistance Programs.

EMFLAZA® is indicated for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) in patients two years of age or older. EMFLAZA’s limited commercial specialty pharmacy network includes Amber Pharmacy, Orsini Specialty Pharmacy and US Bioservices.


Takeaway: RareMed Solutions leads the market in providing pharmacy services to patients on behalf of rare disease biotech manufacturers