New Pharmacies in Dallas Increase Access to HIV Medications

Equitas Health, based in Columbus, Ohio, and Dallas-based Prism Health North Texas have recently opened two new pharmacies in Dallas’ Oak Lawn and Oak Cliff neighborhoods. 

In 2019, Equitas Health and Prism Health North Texas joined forces to form an integrated care model that will serve to further address challenges patients in North Texas experience when needing access to expensive life-saving prescription drugs like those used to treat HIV infection.

The new pharmacy will be located next to one of PHNTX’s health centers in South Dallas, and once opened, will serve PHNTX patients and provide pharmacy services for people in the local community. The pharmacy will be owned and operated by Equitas Health, but doing business as Prism Health North Texas Pharmacy.

The pharmacies will offer 24/7 access to clinical support staff as well as disease prevention, treatment education and free prescription drug delivery to Texas residents. It will also regularly stock hard-to-find specialty drugs.

Established in 1984, Equitas Health is a regional nonprofit community healthcare system. A federally-designated Community Health Center, it is one of the largest LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS serving healthcare organizations in the United States. With 21 offices in 13 cities, Equitas Health serves tens of thousands of patients in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia each year.

The Equitas Health Pharmacy is an integral and essential part of the health center’s comprehensive care and business models, reinvesting 100% of profits back into the organization’s programs and services. Equitas Health operates pharmacies serving patients in Ohio and Texas.

Prism Health North Texas, formerly AIDS Arms Inc., partners with North Texans with AIDs to illuminate a broad array of futures and health available to them.


Takeaway: The joint venture grew out of the close working relationship the organizations have had over the past five years while working together on national policy issues effecting people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States