EVERSANA™ Continues to Strengthen Data and Analytics Capabilities

EVERSANA™ is an independent provider of global services to the life sciences industry. The company serves more than 500 organizations, including innovative start-ups and established pharmaceutical companies, to advance life science solutions for a healthier world.

EVERSANA™ launched ACTICS by EVERSANA™, the technology-enabled solution to optimize end-to-end commercial success for life science companies. Combining the power of AI-driven predictive analytics with ready-to-deploy, real-time commercial services, ACTICS provides a cloud-based solution to optimize actions in the product and patient journeys.

Development of the ACTICS solution was expedited after EVERSANA’s acquisition of HVH Precision Analytics and its predictive analytics platform in July 2020. ACTICS is being leveraged into the launch and commercialization strategies for multiple pharmaceutical and digital therapies and works seamlessly with EVERSANA’s integrated commercial services platform designed to solve global pricing, access, reimbursement, real-world evidence, adherence and product delivery challenges in the life science sector.

EVERSANA™ also recently partnered with the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) to advance standards for the usage of transparent, replicable and robust indirect treatment comparisons in health technology assessments.

ICER is an independent nonprofit research institute that produces influential drug assessments and other reviews on the comparative clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health care interventions.

ICER will use EVERSANA™’s proprietary technology as the preferred platform for conducting indirect treatment comparisons to obtain comparative effectiveness data in the absence of head-to-head clinical trials. The organization began testing EVERSANA’s data analytics and evidence synthesis platform in early 2020.


Takeaway: EVERSANA™ has aggressively invested in technology, data and people to activate data-driven engagement to advance access and adherence at each stage of the product life cycle