Pain Management Care is the Most Recent Walgreens Pharmacy Initiative

Walgreens is combining a new own-brand offering with the expertise of its pharmacists to create a full-store pain management offering. Pharmacists have received specialized training in developing pain management solutions for patients.

This follows training for a number of chronic conditions, including diabetes and mental health. Since the training launched in December 2019, Walgreens pharmacists have conducted more than 30,000 pain consultations.

Walgreens is introducing its diclofenac gel, an own-brand equivalent to GSK Consumer Healthcare’s Voltaren Arthritis Pain, and launching out one-on-one consultations with pharmacists focused on pain management solutions. The program was developed with support from nonprofit Global Healthy Living Foundation, which is focused on improving the lives of people with chronic disease. 

Pain management care is the latest specialty pharmacy initiative introduced by Walgreens. Walgreens last year launched Feel More Like You™, a first-of-its-kind pharmacy, health and beauty service available at no cost to help people living with cancer manage the medical and physical changes associated with cancer treatment.

Walgreens created the Feel More Like You service to meet the increasing needs of people impacted by cancer to learn, understand and manage the side effects of treatment from experts who can provide informed and meaningful guidance and care.

Walgreens also created Health Outcomes Pharmacists, specialist pharmacists who work closely with patients most at risk of medication non-adherence in order to address barriers that could prevent them from taking their medications as prescribed. 


Takeaway: Walgreens has launched a new store format that decreases its square footage and focuses on the pharmacy