Pear Therapeutics Signs Agreement with RemedyOne for Reimbursement and Adoption Support

RemedyOne is helping clients rethink, refine and re-value processes, relationships and how they do business. RemedyOne, with a focus on employers, works with clients so they can profit from better outcomes and new ways of solving old problems, including:

  • Rebate and Formulary Management
  • Outcome-Focused Consulting
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Drug reimbursement
  • Network solutions
  • Outcome improvement

RemedyOne’s 360° view, experience, relationships and understanding all focus on improving efficiencies, outcomes and profitability. RemedyOne helps employers, providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurers, brokers, pharmacies and patients receive market-leading outcomes.

RemedyOne’s rebate offerings include pharmacy rebates, medical rebates and specialty carve-out rebates. RemedyOne’s Medical rebate program negotiates and manages rebates that may otherwise be missed. RemedyOne has the most medical rebate contracts in the industry. RemedyOne focuses on the pharmacy highest cost categories to offer rebate opportunities to clients by directly negotiating with manufacturers.

RemedyOne recently signed an agreement with Pear Therapeutics to offer and administer benefit coverage for the company’s prescription-addiction-focused therapies reSET and reSET-O to its customers.  Both reSET and reSET-O have FDA clearances.

reSET focuses on treating individuals with substance use disorder and  reSET-O  was specifically designed to treat individuals with opioid use disorder. In both of the tools, the therapy is delivered by a software that can be accessed on a patient’s smartphone. 


Takeaway: RemedyOne joins pharma effort to validate and support specific digital health products helping reimbursement and widespread adoption