Partners in Primary Care Driving Humana’s Senior-Focused Strategy

Humana’s strategy integrates care delivery, the member experience, and clinical and consumer insights to encourage engagement, behavior change, proactive clinical outreach and wellness for the approximately 16.7 million members in its medical benefit plans, as well as approximately 5.4 million members in its specialty products.

One of the areas in which Humana strives to improve is the health of seniors living with chronic conditions. Humana advances in this area by:

  • Partnering with providers to evolve incentives from treating health episodically to managing health holistically.
  • Integrating clinical programs that intersect healthcare and lifestyle- helping people at key moments of need.
  • Simplifying processes through leveraging technology, consumer segmentation and analytics.

Humana’s approach to primary, physician-directed care for its members aims to provide quality care that is consistent, integrated, cost-effective, and member-focused. The model is designed to improve health outcomes and affordability for individuals and for the health system as a whole, while offering members a simple, seamless healthcare experience.

Humana is building an omni-channel senior-focused consumer platform with value-based care through a joint venture with Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe (WCAS), which allows the company to accelerate its payor-agnostic primary care center expansion – in a capital efficient approach – giving more seniors access to quality primary care built around their unique health needs, especially in geographies that lack access.

Together, Humana expects to open a minimum of 50 payor-agnostic, senior-focused primary care centers over the next three years, beginning this year, which are be managed by Partners in Primary Care under its brand.

Humana recently unveiled the first phase of its planned three-year expansion as Partners in Primary Care announced it will open 20 new senior-focused primary care centers over the next two years and will expand into two new markets: Las Vegas and Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Partners in Primary Care plans to open eight centers in Las Vegas and two in Shreveport. It will also significantly expand its footprint in Houston, with 10 new locations. 

Prior to the new joint venture with WCAS, Partners in Primary Care operated 47 primary care centers in Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Florida. 


Takeaway: One of the areas in which Humana strives to improve is the health of seniors living with chronic conditions