MHALINK powered by Citus Health Improving Adherence for Specialty Pharmacies

Citus Health is a digital health company that enables real-time, secure collaboration between patients, care teams, care partners, and family members to optimize the patient experience and positively impact the financial outcome of the care provider.  

Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA) is the country’s largest alternate site GPO and has established itself as a leading health care services and software company. In 2018, MHA launched a patient engagement platform MHALINK powered by Citus Health.

The platform helps specialty and infusion pharmacies build operational efficiencies and drive optimal patient outcomes. Accessible through any mobile device or computer, MHALink™ powered by Citus Health streamlines the patient support process by providing prompt answers to common questions and enabling real-time staff-to-staff and staff-to-patient communications. This collaborative, secure and HIPAA-compliant communication environment often results in less stress for patients and greater therapy compliance.

The platform continues to gain traction with specialty pharmacies. Recently, Parkway Specialty Pharmacy chose MHALink™ powered by Citus Health, a comprehensive suite of digital patient engagement and workflow automation solutions. The Citus Health solution will enable Parkway Pharmacy to digitally transform its patient communications and clinical operations for its census of 1,300 specialty pharmacy patients throughout the MidAtlantic, New England, and Midwest.

Last year, EnvisionSpecialty Pharmacy, Cottrill’s Specialty Pharmacy and CSI Pharmacy chose MHALink™ powered by Citus Health


Takeaway: Specialty pharmacies focused on improving adherence have selected MHALink™ powered by Citus Health as a market-leading platform