Walmart Health Continues Expansion into Primary Care

Walmart Health plans to increase its existing freestanding health centers in Dallas and Calhoun with two more planned to open in Loganville and Newnan, Georgia.

Walmart Health partners with local providers to deliver quality, affordable and accessible healthcare for members of the community. The company offers convenience and transparent pricing to provide services ranging from primary care to labs to dental in one facility.

Patients can schedule appointments and view prices on Walmart Health’s website. The cost for an annual checkup for an adult is $30 without insurance, an eye exam is $45 and dental exams cost $25. Therapy sessions are $60.

The Walmart Health Center offers:

  • Urgent care
  • Primary care
  • EKG tests
  • Counseling
  • Lab testing
  • X-rays and X-ray diagnostics
  • Dental care
  • Optical care
  • Hearing services

Additionally, Walmart is testing a number of other initiatives:

  • Concierge medicine in the form of a personal healthcare assistant to streamline scheduling and  billing and interpreting a diagnosis.
  • Expansion of video doctor visits through partnerships with HealthSCOPE benefits, Doctor On Demand, and Grand Rounds.
  • Different ways to connect patients with specialists.

Walmart is building upon its successful strategy of providing healthcare to employees. The new health centers will help the company learn to design the ideal model to provide customers with better and unique solutions for their everyday healthcare needs.

Walmart is in a strong position to succeed in primary care. The retail giant has more than 5,000 U.S. stores, often with enough land on its property to build stand-alone clinics that have access to the company’s 140 million shoppers that visit at least once per week. Walmart also has the financial resources to equip its health clinics to compete with any company offering primary care.

Takeaway: Walmart is in a strong position to succeed in primary care with its 5,000 stores and financial resources.