ProofPilot Collaboration Increasing Access to Timely Research

The influx of new digital technologies has offered the clinical trial industry a systemized approach to collect and analyze patient behavior. Thousands of clinical trials register with the FDA each year to evaluate new therapies, but struggle with identifying and recruiting enough patients that meets the time frame to clinically evaluate a new treatment.

ProofPilot was founded to make it easy to design and run a complex research study. Before launching ProofPilot, many of the employees worked together at a consulting firm. They focused on helping academic institutions and government agencies develop online research studies.

ProofPilot’s Mission is to: make it easy to run scientifically valid research studies to determine evidence on what works and what doesn’t to improve lives; and, to use the resulting evidence to make better decisions, speed innovation and discover breakthroughs that spread to more people who will benefit from them.

Recently, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Google Cloud and ProofPilot joined to create a new clinical research platform targeted at academic medical centers and universities. The new collaboration will run on ProofPilot’s clinical trial platform and use Google Cloud’s cloud-based servers and FHIR data products. MGH researchers will then be able to adapt the features to their needs. Additionally, researchers will be able to control the number of email reminders, text messages and push notifications sent to clinical trial participants.


Takeaway: ProofPilot collaboration is leveraging its strength in the academic institution market.