Startups Continue to Enter the Digital Clinical Trial Market

New digital technologies offer a centralized, standardized approach to capturing, analyzing and predicting patient behavior — from confirming medication ingestion to assessing the likelihood of a patient dropping out of a trial.

PatchAI is an AI-powered digital health solution that aids patient engagement and data collection in clinical research. PatchAI offers the first ever AI-powered conversational platform for Clinical Trials. PatchAi ® is the Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), which combines functionality and emotional participation: data collection and patient retention has been made easier.

PatchAi has launched an empathic virtual assistant designed to help patients taking part in the clinical trial process. PatchAi has already closed two funding rounds, raising around 900,000 euros to support the product over the past year.

The service began operating in December and among the first PatchAi clients is Novartis Italia, following early support from the Unicredit Startup Lab, the European Institute of Technology and collaborations with international players such as IBM and HIT – University of Padua.


Takeaway: The Clinical Trial industry continues to move rapidly toward digitalization.