Kroger Hoping Pharmacy Leads Financial Turnaround

Kroger’s goal is to be the leading omni-channel retailer in the food industry. Kroger is building an omni-channel platform to redefine the experience grocery customers can expect to have in its stores and online.

Pharmacy continues to be a very important part of Kroger’s business. Pharmacy drives customer loyalty and integrates to the company’s health and wellness strategy. Pharmacy, while profitable, experiences margin pressure due to a generic supply challenge, and the renegotiation of the company’s PBM agreements. Kroger Health and Pharmacy has been proactive in developing plans to reduce costs and develop partnerships for growth.

Kroger recently announced its partnership with Myriad Genetics to pilot Myriad Genetics’ GeneSight® pharmacogenomic test with Kroger Health Plan members. Nearly 500 Kroger pharmacies across five states will participate in the GeneSight pilot.  GeneSight is the market-leading genetic test to help clinicians personalize treatment plans for their patients with depression.

GeneSight is a laboratory-developed pharmacogenomic test that uses cutting-edge technology to analyze 12 genes known to affect the clinical performance of 56 common medications used to treat depression. 

As part of the partnership, GeneSight testing will be facilitated through Kroger Health pharmacists at select locations.  In areas where the test is being piloted, Kroger Health Plan members who have failed one or more antidepressant medications will receive information about the GeneSight test from a Kroger pharmacist or in the mail.  

Kroger Health includes more than 22,000 healthcare practitioners serving customers in more than 2,200 pharmacies, over 200 clinics, and through several digital channels and solutions. Their trained professionals provide services, treatment and coaching in multiple areas, from nutrition counseling and weight loss programs, to diabetes prevention and immunization services.

The GeneSight pilot aligns with Kroger Health’s broader health and wellness initiatives designed to offer personalized healthcare solutions to the 60 million customers that shop at Kroger’s family of companies – including Kroger, Ralph’s, Fry’s, Fred Meyer and King Soopers.