WellCare is Focusing on Care for Chronic Conditions

A major component of WellCare Health Plans’ (WellCare) strategy is to continually improve the quality of care and service that are provided to members. WellCare hopes to accomplish this by focusing on preventive health, wellness, and a population health management model that brings together medical, behavioral, social, and pharmacy programs to provide quality care and assist government partners given fiscal constraints

As of March 31, 2019, WellCare served approximately 6.3 million members nationwide, focusing on the Medicaid and Medicare population. WellCare holds the largest share of the managed Medicaid market in Florida.

Centene announced an acquisition of WellCare in late March 2019 for a total enterprise value of $17.3 billion to become a market leader focused on government-sponsored healthcare programs and a leader in Medicaid, Medicare and the Health Insurance Marketplace.

WellCare of Florida is helping its members better manage their chronic conditions. To help members living with diabetes manage their condition and lead healthier lifestyles, WellCare offers the Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) – a free, six-week workshop for older adults with diabetes and their caregivers.

Through the program, participants learn about diabetes management through hands-on activities such as interactive visuals to understand blood sugar levels, activities to develop skills to decrease risks of complication, and tips to improve eating habits and increase physical activity.

WellCare also offers specialized Medicare Advantage plans that are available to individuals with specific chronic conditions.  These Chronic Condition Special Needs Plans (C-SNPs) plans offer unique benefits designed to address the specific health concerns individuals with chronic conditions face.  WellCare C-SNPs are tailored to Medicare-eligible Floridians who have diabetes, heart failure or cardiovascular disorders like high blood pressure.