FamilyWize’s Online Drug Discount Care Program Growing Rapidly

Consumer spending on healthcare and prescriptions continue to increase, with patients paying almost 40% of out-of-pocket costs for branded prescriptions. This has led to an increase in consumer use and rapid growth of drug discount programs. This increase has also led to increased abandonment of prescriptions.

FamilyWize, a Bethlehem, Pa.-based company devoted to getting the best prices for their consumers, think they can play a big role in helping patients to reduce their prescription costs.

The company partners with pharmacies across the country to negotiate prescription discounts. FamilyWize’s prescription discount card is available to all consumers nationwide, whether they have health insurance or not, and the savings can be substantial.

FamilyWize’s program has helped more than 13 million people save upwards of $1.5 billion on their prescription costs. The company’s goal is to help 25 million people by 2020.

FamilyWize was started in 2005 by Dan and Susan Barnes. The company, which has about 50 employees including those in its call center, is looking to expand its offerings.

FamilyWize has partnered with MedTek21, a software-based platform that helps both patients and their care providers identify hidden medication risks and optimize prescribed medications for maximum efficacy. FamilyWize and MedTek21 can help patients by offering access to MedTek21 Direct, an easy-to-use personalized medication management program. This program can help patients learn if they have been prescribed a medication that might be impacted by their unique metabolic profile.