Kroger Joins the Drug Discount Program Trend

Consumer use of drug discount programs has shown rapid growth since launch, led by companies such as GoodRx and BlinkHealth for uninsured or patients considered underinsured. Drug discount programs allow underinsured patients to pay for their drugs when it is less expensive than a high copay.

Kroger, one of the largest grocers in the nation, has joined the trend by introducing its own pharmacy membership club in partnership with GoodRx, as part of the company’s Wellness Your Way platform.

Under the new initiative, shoppers can pay an annual fee ($36 per person or $72 per family) to get discounted prices for their drugs, which they then pay for out of pocket.

The Kroger Rx Savings Club provides customers with exclusive access to discounts on commonly-prescribed generic medications for widespread conditions in the U.S., including diabetes, asthma, mental health issues, women’s health concerns, and gastrointestinal and heart health.

Kroger has nearly half a million associates who serve nine million customers daily through digital shopping and 2,800 retail food stores under a variety of banner names.

GoodRx is a leading source for prescription and healthcare savings in America. More than 10 million consumers use GoodRx each month to find current prices and discounts on their medications.

Since 2011, Americans – with and without health insurance – have saved more than $7 billion using GoodRx. The average GoodRx customer saves $276 a year on their prescriptions. Over 140,000 doctors recommend GoodRx to their patients.

GoodRx has recently been rumored to be in sale talks with several interested parties and could obtain up to $3 billion. GoodRx, is estimated to earn $100 million in EBITDA in the current year.