Centene is Leveraging RxAdvance for More Transparent PBM

Centene specialty services are a key component of the company’s healthcare strategy and complement its core Managed Care business. Our provision of specialty services diversifies our revenue stream, enhances the quality of health outcomes for our members and others, and allows Centene to manage costs.

Centene’s Envolve brand leverages its collective expertise in pharmacy solutions; health, triage, wellness and disease management; and vision and dental services, to provide integrated and comprehensive healthcare for members.

Envolve Pharmacy Solutions offers traditional pharmacy benefits management as well as comprehensive specialized pharmacy benefit services through its specialty pharmacy, AcariaHealth.

Centene owns approximately 30% of RxAdvance, an innovative national full-service pharmacy benefit manager that leverages their Collaborative PBM Cloud™ platform to deliver integrated services that reduce overall pharmacy costs and avoidable drug-impacted medical costs while optimizing specialty spend.

Centene plans its first stage rollout of RxAdvance before year-end and a national roll-out throughout 2019. Centene supports a shift towards a more transparent PBM model that is sustainable with higher quality and lower costs for consumers.

RxAdvance is investing in a more transparent version of the PBM model, including making investments in the technology platform. Centene plans to roll the RxAdvance technology platform out on a market-by-market basis.

In conjunction with the new implementation of the platform, Centene will be moving its PBM to a different operating model which is built around transparency and focused on cost sharing for total cost of care so integration of pharmacy cost with the more comprehensive total medical cost.

Centene has had a long-standing commitment to providing comprehensive and integrated specialty services, including pharmacy management expertise provided through its Envolve division. Under this partnership, Centene and external customers will leverage Envolve’s clinical competencies and RxAdvance’s Collaborative PBM Cloud™ platform to deliver integrated, real-time, and data-driven pharmacy management services.