Provider Owned Commercial Health Plans

Provider Owned Commercial Health Plans. Provider-sponsored plans make up 15% or more of the health insurance market, and this percentage is growing, according to many of the projections by industry observers.

Until recently, commercial health insurance products have, with only a few exceptions, been offered by health insurance companies. Now, health systems are increasingly assuming financial risk and have sufficient capital and scale as well as provider networks and geographic coverage to offer their own health plans, thus bypassing traditional health plans.

AMI’s new report answers the following:

  • Who are the leading Provider Owned Commercial Health Plans?
  • Where are they located and how do I contact them?
  • What is the Provider and Health Plan Background?
  • What is the total enrollment?
  • What is the Health Plan’s strategy?
  • Who are the Health plan’s contacts, including executive, medical and pharmacy?


Sample Provider Owned Commercial Health Plan Profile