AetnaCare Boosted by Merck Collaboration

AetnaCare Boosted by Merck Collaboration: Aetna has announced AetnaCare, a new program designed to offer members an integrated care plan so they have the knowledge, motivation and confidence to manage their own health.

Over 40% of Aetna’s medical spend currently runs through some form of value-based care model today and the company is developing programs like AetnaCare to help achieve its goal of 75% by 2020.

The program, announced in October 2016, uses analytics to identify target populations and proactively curates various health and wellness services that are available in the members’ respective areas. With AetnaCare, members will have a personalized care plan, or care map, and access to an ecosystem that brings together clinical and non-clinical services in their area.

AetnaCare will launch in 2017 and initially be available to patients with diabetes and hypertension.

The care maps are divided into key health events and reinforces the most up-to-date clinical, social and wellness practices. Each care map has various objectives, such as promoting treatment adherence, ensuring critical support needs of members are met and reinforcing healthy behaviors.

A care map includes objectives, such as promoting treatment adherence, ensuring critical support needs are met and reinforcing healthy behaviors

To jump-start AetnaCare in 2017, Aetna developed a partnership with Merck, a company that develops two drugs used by diabetic patients. Merck will be among the first companies to participate in AetnaCare.

In coordination with a patient’s physicians and caregivers, the program will aim to support treatment adherence, ensure that critical support needs are met, and reinforce healthy lifestyle behaviors. Aetna is also collaborating with Merck in a previously disclosed value-based contract for the treatment of diabetes.

Through this value-based contract, Merck and Aetna will work to advance our common goal of helping patients with type 2 diabetes effectively manage their condition to enable them to maximize their number of healthy days.

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