Impact of Commercial Insurance in 2017

Clinical trial collaborations – an idea whose time has come

Impact of Commercial Insurance in 2017 – Considerable attention and planning has been focused on the Medicare market, but as we see from the chart below, Medicare represents approximately 13% of the total population.


Employer 49%
Medicaid 19%
Medicare 13%
Uninsured 10%
Non-Group 6%
Other Public 2%

(Source: Kaiser Family Foundation)

A recent Mercer survey has consistently shown a commitment by large employers to keep offering health insurance benefits. “Among employers with 500 or more employees, just 5 percent say they are likely to drop their plans, essentially unchanged from 4 percent in 2014.”

The commercial insurance market will continue to be the leading player in healthcare insurance coverage in 2017-2020.

  • Does your planning include the impact of ACA in 2017-2020 and its effect on your products in the commercial market?
  • Does your planning target the high-opportunity employers that are the best fit for your products?
  • Does your account team know and have the connection to reach the employer’s decision-maker?

If the answer is “NO” to any of these questions, we can help. Most important, we can assist you in properly planning for success in the commercial market

Dr. Randy Vogenberg and I have focused on helping our clients plan for success with employers in the commercial insurance market since 2001. AMI’s market resources were relaunched after the ACA implementation was underway in 2013. This post-ACA emphasis has included the impact of biologic, cancer and specialty drugs in the employer market.