Announces Transition to Access Market Intelligence Announces Transition to Access Market IntelligenceI’ve mentioned the rapid changes in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries that are impacting our sector and how we conduct business within its landscape. Because of the changes I’ve seen coming, I asked for your feedback in a survey to determine what concerns you have with these changes and the best course of action to take. Thank you again for your participation in that project.

I’ve also mentioned the demand our partner company, Healthcare Business & Insurance Institute, has seen from top companies to provide customized training for their employees and managers to help them adapt to this changing business climate. Dr. Randy Vogenberg, the managing partner at HBI, has also noticed these changes. We’ve spoken on several occasions on how to best address the changing needs of the healthcare business industry and have formed a partnership in a new venture, Access Market Intelligence, to assist our partners in the industry adapt to those changes.

We know that you’ve come to depend on to provide the market intelligence you need to steer your business through rough changes in the industry. Though is going to be phased out over an extended time period, I’m working with my clients to transition them to Access Market Intelligence. We’ll still be offering the same exceptional market research, analysis and intelligence for your healthcare or pharmaceutical business you’ve come to expect from, but we’ll have some additional tools available for our clients that we haven’t been able to incorporate in the past.

These tools include merging our primary and secondary intelligence on new trends into timely market insights that can be easily adapted into actionable improvements and goals to help your business succeed in today’s changing healthcare landscape. Talk soon!