Walgreens Piloting Two MedAvail Self-Service Pharmacy Kiosks

Walgreens is currently piloting two MedAvail self-service pharmacy kiosks — one located at one of its distribution centers and a second at an Access Health Clinic.

Walgreens began the roll out in 2012 of new store designs at select locations across the country with self-service kiosks touted as a tool to improve customer service at the pharmacy.

The Walgreens Express Rx is a touchscreen kiosk that enables patients to pick up and pay for prescription refills that they have pre-ordered.

In addition to calling the pharmacy directly, customers can order via walgreens.com or the Walgreens mobile app by scanning the prescription bar code with their smartphones.

HealthSpot℠, a pioneer in patient and provider-driven healthcare technology, recently announced a strategic partnership with MedAvail. This collaboration will enable HealthSpot station locations to provide high-quality, accessible pharmacy services in addition to acute care telehealth services, in locations where there is no retail pharmacy, such as employer sites and community locations.