Walgreens’ Innovative Models of Care

Walgreens latest collaboration is with CHE Trinity Health. The collaborative model enables retail clinic collaborations, outpatient pharmacy services and expanded prescription and disease management programs that can help improve people’s health while increasing consumers’ access and lowering overall healthcare costs.

Walgreens pharmacists and Healthcare Clinic nurse practitioners will work with CHE Trinity Health providers to further coordinate patient care, while giving people access to a broad range of health care services at Walgreens and CHE Trinity Health sites of care.

Furthering the collaboration, Lourdes Health System launched a partnership with Walgreens to improve the care of its patients after they are discharged from the hospital.

The partnership is part of a larger collaboration between Walgreens and CHE Trinity Health, Lourdes’ parent organization.

Lourdes has three initiatives with Walgreens. Some components of the partnership have already commenced while others are in the planning stages. These include: bedside medication delivery: Walgreens Transitions Program: and Walgreens Onsite Pharmacy.

Additional Walgreens’ initiatives include:

– Johns Hopkins and Walgreens join forces to create new pharmacy. The new Walgreens store adjacent to the JHM campus is a joint effort to bring new health and wellness programs and other health care services to the surrounding community. The new Walgreens “Well Experience” store offers health services, as well as healthy food options and a full selection of other daily living products. In addition to its pharmacy, the store brings other health care resources to the community with a new Healthcare Clinic, staffed by board-certified nurse practitioners, marking the first Walgreens in-store retail clinic in the state of Maryland.

– Centura Health and Walgreens announced a clinical collaboration agreement that will provide coordinated and expanded health care services, while improving access to high-quality, convenient and affordable care for patients throughout Colorado’s Front Range. Centura Health will work with Healthcare Clinic at select Walgreens to handle serious conditions outside of the Healthcare Clinics’ scope of services, and will help collaboratively manage the treatment of patients with chronic diseases.